Tony's career began in the punk group Crisis, before progressing through Death In June to the formation of Sol Invictus in 1987. Tony has also worked with other artists including Current 93 and recorded with Andrew Liles and Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound and the ambient musician and artist Tor Lundvall.
As well as these collaborations he has also recorded several albums under his own name, the most recent being "Not All Of Me Will Die. Tony's other projects include the neoclassical Orchestra Noir, and The Triple Tree. More recently he has collaborated with Gernot Munsch in the folk duo Twa Corbies , Clive Giblin in 1984 and Eraldo Bernocchi  and Lorenzo Esposito Foronasari (despite both being Italian) in OWLS. 
Tony's pessimistic vision of humanity and inhumanity is a very singular one.